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Antwerp is the biggest city in Belgium and has around 528.000 citizens. It’s situated in the North of Belgium and is close to the Netherlands. Antwerp is a city with a lot of history which you will see when you walk through the city.

These days Antwerp is mostly known because it has one of the biggest ports in the world.

Beside that Antwerp Is the city for diamond lovers. Why? Because 84% of the diamonds mined in the world end up in Antwerp and that’s why Antwerp is the center of the worlds diamond trade.

 If you are in Antwerp you will probably walk through the city and see the beautiful great market square. Both in day as at night it’s a lovely place to walk, drink, eat,… or to take a picture with your loved one(s).

Visiting Antwerp? I recommend you to go see the Antwerp central station and the zoo (one of the oldest in the world and houses around 6000 animals)!


Bruges is situated in the northwest of Belgium and the historic city center has been named to World Heritage Site of UNESCO. Because off all the small canals going through the city, small bridges, …  combined with the Gothic style of buildings makes Bruges a very romantic place to visit (Paris of Belgium)!

When you visit Bruges, you are also close to the Belgian coast and has also nice places to offer (Ostend, Knokke, …) but more info about the Belgian coast in the Belgian coast topic.


Brussels = Capital of Belgium and Europe.

Situated in the centre of Belgium and very easily to reach with public transport or car. From the national airport Zaventem you reach the centre of Brussels in no time with train. Also, Brussels has a nice great market square as Antwerp. When you are in the centre of Brussels you can visit a little statue family: MannekenPis, JeannekePis and Zinneke. The first two are fountains, so a really strange but funny picture you can take there 🙂

I also recommend to visit the Atomium. It’s located just outside Brussels (Heysel) and easy to get there with metro. Next to the Atomium you find Kinepolis (movie theater), and the Heysel who organizes a lot of events during the year. The best time to visit the Atomium is at night when the lights from the balls are on. The Atomium was constructed for the 1958 Brussels World Expo. In the top ball is a restaurant where you also have a nice view.


The ardennes are situated in the Southeast of Belgium and covers a whole region with a lot of nice towns, nature and hills averaging around 350-400m in height but rising to 652m (Baraque de Fraiture) and 674m (Baraque Michel). In winter you have the possibility to ski but do not compare it to ski regions as in the Alpes, Pyrenees,…   

It’s also common for Belgian citizens and tourists to rent a typical Ardennes chalet (cottage house) for the weekend to enjoy the beautiful nature, go for a walk, barbecue,… My personal favorite town in the Ardennes is Durbuy.

Durbuy is considered as the smallest town in Belgium and is very cute with a lot of nature. Beside all that you can go to an adventure park, visit castle, and dine in a very good restaurant. For those with a bit of bigger budget can also decide to spend the weekend in their hotel.

The Battle of the Ardennes was a battle of the First World War fought on the  frontiers of France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg from 21 to 23 August 1914. The German armies defeated the French armies and forced the French armies to retreat. The battle was part of the larger Battle of the Frontiers, the first battle of the Western Front.


The city Ghent is located between Brussels and Bruges. 30min with train from Brussels and you are in the center of Ghent. Much of the city’s medieval architecture remained intact and makes it a beautiful city to walk through. Through the old center of Ghent runs a little river where you can rent little boats and go through Ghent. Other nice things to visit in Ghent are: the Graslei, Saint Bavo Cathedral and the Gravensteen

Belgium coast

The Belgian coast can be found in the West of the country and is 65 km long. It runs from the French border all the way until the border with the Netherlands. The Belgian coast has the longest tram line in the world and runs from the city Knokke to De Panne. Every city along the Belgian coast is worth a visit. When you are visiting the Belgian coast make sure you try the Belgian specialty: Mussels with fries and a Belgian beer 🙂

to do at the coast

Things to do at the Belgian coast: A walk on the board while sniffing fresh sea air, walk with your toes in the sand, shopping, eating in restaurants while watching the sun going down in the sea, art sightseeing (James Ensor, Constant Permeke,…) , WWI and WWII sightseeing (bunkers, trenches, canons,…) you can visit at the Atlantik Wall Open-Air Museum

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