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Depending on the age of the children and what you want to do in Belgium you can choose between a lot of options: hotels, apartments, rent a house in the Ardennes or at the Belgian coast,… but these are mostly a bit more expensive.

As an alternative for families with little children or teenagers it might be a good idea to go to Sunparks or Center Parcs. These are parks in different cities in Belgium. You get a small house or hotel room inside the park full of nature, amusement things like mini golf, tennis, soccer,… on top of that they have a subtropical swimming pool with slides too, fun guaranteed!


For couples I would suggest to go to a city and explore it together. Go out for a walk through our nice cities, sit down for a delicious meal with a drink and enjoy each other. Go for a romantic walk through Bruges, buy a wedding ring with a big diamond in Antwerp, walk through forests and nature in the Ardennes or go for a walk on the beach while the sun goes down. offers a lot of possibilities in all these cities and places.


As a single you are free to go wherever you want to go: hotels, apartments,… those can be booked through a variety of websites like, … But as a single it might also be a good opportunity to go to hostels. It’s kind of a hotel but there are multiple beds in one room and cheaper too! At the end of your stay you will have meet a lot of people on a single spot and who knows after your visit you’re not single anymore 🙂


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