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It’s impossible to list all the good restaurants we have in Belgium since we have more than 1000 restaurants that are listed in the Gault&Miliau guide. This guide gives an overview of all the restaurants that score at least 12/20. In Belgium we have 1263 restaurants that score between 12/20 and 19,5/20. In Belgium you can find 34 restaurants that score 17/20 or more. The best restaurant in Belgium is Hof van Cleve in Kruishoutem (between Ghent and Courtrai) and scores 19,5/20!

Belgians are known for their Burgundian lifestyle which means that they love to go on restaurant with an average of 3 h spending on restaurant. They start with an aperitive (gin&tonic, beer,…) followed by a starter (cold or warm) to continue than with the main dish and end with a dessert and a coffee with a small alcoholic drink (cognac, whiskey, limoncello,…).

I have to tell you that these restaurants are mostly a bit more to a lot more expensive. But there are plenty of very good restaurants you can find for a lower budget!

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