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The idea of our page came long before we started to work on it for real. My husband and I come from different countries: One is BELGIAN other SLOVENIAN. None of us ever thought we gonna meet our future partner in other country and move, but it happened. It wasn’t an easy step to do, new language, new people you don’ t know, new rules, like a totally new world, start, but in life you got to take risks and try especially for people we love.

I didn’t know much about Belgium before I met my husband and he also not about Slovenia and that’s how it all started, the idea of this website, first as a joke in conversation and after a while we spend more time thinking about it, as many people don’t know much about Slovenia in Belgium and opposite, we said why not join our countries and make something good to let people know what are they missing by not visiting those countries. There are a lot of nice things to see and discover and what we want is to bring people of those countries together, good things from each countries to the other one as we all have something unique to offer. Everyone knows about famous destinations all over the world and big countries, cities, but why not go somewhere else once in a while to explore and see differences, meet new people, new customs, food, traditions…

We live only once so we got to take all chances we can and explore our wonderful world as it has soo much beauty to offer. So we invite you to take a trip to our countries and see what does it mean to live as Belgian or to live as Slovenian, then let us know if we are right. I’ m sure it won’t be your last trip to that country.

So now you know where the name SloBeltour comes from 🙂


Watch the video bellow to see a few places you can see in Slovenia

Video is made by Pavel Vacek (Vathuthin production)

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