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When it comes to Slovenia, country itself has to offer a lot to do since it has mountains, lakes, sea, … and many good spa centers as it is a land of water and spas, which are perfect as for couples for a nice romance evening or family vacation to relax and have fun. Slovenia waters has thermal and mineral springs full off a source of health and well-being. You can choose which thermal spa you wish to visit depending of what is your need either it is healing treatment, preventive treatment, wellness

In winter you can go ski, summer to the sea and the rest of the year you can explore either cities or beautiful nature. You can go for example to take a panoramic flight in aerodrome Lesce, as they offer to see Bled, Bohinj, Triglav mountain or something else it’ s a nice experience to see everything from above. You can also rent a boat or yacht if you are looking for that kind of adventure at Slovenian coast here is one of the sites they offer to rent them just click here:

 I’m sure everyone can find something that fits their need, so don’ t wait and take a trip to Slovenia, you won’ t regret it:)

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