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It spreads in the area below Ptuj Castle and thus gives the impression of a beautifully landscaped castle garden. the water marked the Ptuj playground, which is one of the top Slovenian playgrounds in terms of the number of water barriers. The players especially remembered the 14th hole with a spectacular shot on the island. On the course you will enjoy all the most exciting elements of the golf game. The course consists of 18 holes. In addition to the very modern design of the club premises made of glass and aluminum, there is also a training ground for training long and short strokes.


Arboretum golf

park is located in unspoiled nature, on the edge of the renowned botanical garden Arboretum, in Volčji Potok. Club and business premises are intended for all kinds of socializing as well as the organization of business meetings and work seminars, many social gatherings take place on training greens in the shade of pine trees. It was designed by the famous Italian architect Marco Croze in collaboration with the local architect Peter Škofic. The projects date back to 1996. The course has 18 varied holes that offer players many challenges and pleasures. In addition to the playground, there is a fenced training ground for long game training, a lawn for puttanje, a large space for training short games, and a raised lawn for training kicks from a sand barrier.



only 15 minutes’ drive away from Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, set in an idyllic countryside surrounding with a view to the Alps. The course has 18 holes – each of them representing a story connected to the local historical background and folk’s legends (The Old Castle, Valburga’s Night, The Baron’s Tail…) It covers almost 6.000 square meters and provides a thrilling test for golf players of all levels. With it’s stunning beauty and peaceful scenery you can also use it as an ideal background for formal and leisure socializing as well as good local food and drinks. Combination of Mediterranean and Alpine climate makes can make this a truly year-round course providing a good venue for winter visitors and societies (when no heavy raining or snowing).



is located in one of the most unspoiled beautiful nature parts of Slovenia along the river Krka, in the immediate vicinity of the famous island castle. It has 18- modern hole par 72 playground and it was designed by British architect Howard Swan with a great sense of the game and the natural environment to the latest standards. In the arms of the Dolenjska forests, extensive and varied clearings, large and relatively undemanding greenery and beautiful views of the surroundings you find a lot of reasons why the playground is addictive. The playground has a training ground for short games, a training ground for short and long strokes, a training lawn and a lawn with a sand barrier. You can learn learn and train programs with professional teacher P. G. A. They offer equipment rental and organize catering tournaments also.


the royal bled club

 is a true hidden gem of European Golf and provides its members with an unrivalled experience that holds golf at its core, but offers so much more. From exclusive, member-only services to an astonishing nature-infused playground that provides golf in absolute tranquility it is a special place that cherishes loyalty and emits a deep sense of belonging and privacy. To our members, the club is a home from home, offering warm, personal service to a group of like-minded individuals from around the world who share a passion for life and for this great game. it is the oldest and largest golf course in Slovenia. Every golf fam has to visit it definitetly.


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