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Adrenalin park Stari vrh, one of family cool spots to have fun, either only your kids do the challenges or together all family choice is yours. It s put nice into forest to explore nature and practice skiils…
The park offers 6 trails of different difficulty, which are named with different colors and beautifully marked. The easiest is yellow, it s suitable for toddlers from 2 years onwards. The difficulty then escalates, as does the height at which the lines are laid. For all the dilemmas and advice, as well as for the entire monitoring of events in the park, there are instructors who initially guide all visitors through the initial 5-minute mini school of seat belt use and behavior on the tracks.
Park is open on Saturday and Sunday from 21 April till 23 June and from 1 September till end October. Opening hours are 10-18h.
From 23 June till 31 August park is open everyday from 10-19h.
Location: Zapreval 5, 4223 Poljane nad Škofjo Loko.
I dare you to try it:) Fun guaranted…


Garden village Bled located in Bled in a nice peaceful spot with nature surrounding it. Each accommodation unit tells different story and gives unique experience. You will feel like one together with nature there. While staying there on holiday you can make a tour around Bled and the surrounding area. The tents and houses are put in the midst of beautiful nature, high up among the treetops, on top of soft grass or right above the murmuring stream. The choice of your adventure is in your hands. You can pick amongst Glamping tent, Tree house, Pier tent, Tree tent or Luxury apartment. Perfect for families to have fun with kids. So do take a look and tell us your adventure story. For more info click on link bellow.

Another thing everyone can try either as single, couple or family as it s made for everyone is WOOP park where you can do karting, jumping or other activities…
If you haven’t visited it yet, this is an ideal opportunity for your first visit. You will be able to try more than 100 trampolines, a huge inflatable pillow and a gymnastic pit with foam, hammer on the basket, have fun in the play corner, go down with a trapeze, try the largest trampoline measuring 5 × 5 meters and more and more…
Also for thoose that like driving go karting: They have the most modern multi-level karting track in Europe, full of special effects, fast turns and adrenaline racing maneuvers. Top-quality indoor go-kart with electric drive, TOP speed up to 60 km / h and a special turbo accelerator for tactical overtaking. Absolutely safe rampage, guaranteed for young people from the age of 8, as well as for families and experienced drivers.
Location: Leskoškova cesta 3, 1000 Ljubljana
As they say: Jump out of everyday life and spend your day in the air, in good company and with a smile on your face. And i m telling you, start enjoy in your life.


Park Geoss
In a forest, not far from the geometric centre of Slovenia (GEOSS), children, older than 4 years and adults, climb in treetops on seven courses of different levels of difficulty, ride a giant zip line, spend the night in treetops (on a treetop platform or on a hanging bed) and treat themselves on the Sensual forest retreat. Meanwhile, babies and children up to 3 years develop their motor skills in a brand new Motor skill pathway. For more info click link bellow.

Arboretum volcji potok is for people who love flowers. The spacious landscape park with gravel paths offers the possibility of taking long walks and a peaceful rest in tranquility and green nature. Tulips and other flowers, roses and water lilies cheer up flower lovers, and the rich assortment of trees and shrubs, together with the natural forest and wet meadows, are interesting for friends of gardens and nature. For more info click the link bellow.
Location: Volčji Potok 3, 1235 Radomlje

Mozirski gaj is a flower park in Mozirje. It was made by the locals and the Celje Gardeners’ Association in 1978. The park covers about 7 ha and is open to visitors from mid-April to early October. Among all of tulips and other spring flowers seen there you will be captivated by the Mozirski gaj tulip. Cultivated in the Netherlands especially for the Mozirski gaj and you only gonna see it bloom there. With its durability and unique colour it especially embodies the message of tulips, which conveys deep and strong romantic feelings. The romantics have long praised tulips as a sign of elated love and insatiable longing.
Park was given a special character with ethnographic objects: a farmhouse, blacksmith’s workshop, bee house, granary, venetian saw, mill, St. Valentine’s Chapel, “preužitkarska hiša” and “Krančeva hiša”. They add the misteriously charm of the park and in the same time they show, how people used to live in this part of the country in the past centuries. It s nice to see it in December with its 1,5 million lights which gives a feeling of fairy tale. For more info to visit click link bellow.

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