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Places to stay

You can pick a lot of different accommodations in Slovenia depending from where you want to stay, you can find luxury hotels, spas and health resorts as hostel rooms, ones with lower budget. You can also stay in cottage or mountain lodges, huts in nature and explore beauty around or rent apartment or room, house it all depends what do you want to get from your vacation. You can either explore or just relax so i gave you link to look at offers you can get for your need.



As family you have many options to do something, either visiting zoo in Ljubljana, go on a trip to different locations and enjoy parks with activities for families to have fun and bond together or just relax on spas with many pools and slides. For families I would recommend Catez spa or Olimia.



As a single you are free to go wherever you want to go: hotels, apartments, … those can be booked through a variety of websites like, … But as a single it might also be a good opportunity to go to hostels. It’s kind of a hotel but there are multiple beds in one room and cheaper too! At the end of your stay you will have meet a lot of people on a single spot and who knows after your visit you’re not single anymore 🙂




As couple you can rent hotel rooms or private rooms, apartments, you can find a lot for every budget. You can find many romantic stays as cottages, those are really nice, couples that been there, love them. Places in nature for more sports or hotels, spas for relaxing…


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