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Kranjska Gora is a nice town and also an important mountain tourist destination and a well-known winter sports center. The place hosts international competitions in alpine skiing on the steep slopes of Vitranc near Podkoren and in ski flights and jumps in Planica.
The special feature of the ski offer in Kranjska Gora is the variety of terrains that offer skiing for both experienced top skiers and complete beginners. They offer more than 20 kilometers of groomed ski trails of all levels of difficulty.

Kanin – Sella Nevea located in Bovec. Is the only Slovenian ski resort with skiing terrains at the altitude more then 2000 meters. Highland atmosphere is truly unique beacouse of surrruouding, you are skiing next to vertical rocks and can enjoy the view like nowhere else. Kanin’s ski slope is linked with Italian Sella Nevea. Most of the slopes are medium difficulty but there are some terrains for beginners too. Slovenian (South) side is mostly exposed to sun when the Italian (North) side is slightly more in shadow. They offer more than 30 kilometers of groomed ski trails. You can enjoy the nice view arround.

Mariborsko pohorje it is a popular recreational and excursion point for all generations in all seasons.
On the snowy ski slopes, hiking and cross-country trails of Pohorje, cross-country skiers, skiers, snowboarders, mountain bikers, hikers, mountaineers, parachutists, lovers of adrenaline activities and more.The Mariborsko Pohorje Ski Center has at its disposal more than 41.5 kilometers of groomed ski trails of all levels of difficulty. They extend at an altitude of 325 meters to 1327 meters. There are as many as 27 kilometers of groomed cross-country trails on the ridges of Pohorje.

Krvavec also very visited and good skii center. Krvavec RTC is a well-known winter sports center, which is visited by many fans of skiing and other winter activities in winter. An interesting Eskimo village is at your disposal during the winter months. The hotel has 5 igloos for six people and two igloos for couples. It offers  more than 30 kilometers of groomed ski trails of all levels of difficulty from kids terrains as for more professional skiiers.
In the summer months, Krvavec becomes the starting point for many mountain tours. You can also go only on hiking trails on Krvavec or on the blue trail that leads you on the tracks of the history of the mountain.

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